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Lamborghini Aventador SV Unveiling

When I first saw the Lamborghini Aventador SV in spy shots I was not very thrilled. The Murcielago SV is my favorite car and ever since the Aventador was introduced I dreamed of what an SV version of the car would look like. I expected the same jaw-dropping differences that the LP670 delivers. I did not get that same feeling when first seeing the pics of the Aventador SV though and to be honest, was very disappointed. I don’t know if I didn’t like the red color, the wing, the body painted parts or the fact there was not a huge SV logo running across the side; something just seemed off.

I am a firm believer though in not making any final decisions until you see something in person so when I heard the new SV would be making a US debut at Amelia Island I knew I would have to go. So literally three weeks before the reveal I called up my friends at duPont Registry and they made sure I was taken care of and would have full media credentials to be one of the first to see the Aventador SV. I got to Amelia Island and Saturday evening came before I knew it. A private unveiling of the car was being held behind the Ritz Carlton. I was able to get a front row view and waited patiently for the car to be revealed. Two models stood on both sides of the car, keeping the black cover from being blown away in the oceanside breeze. Lamborghini’s President, Stephan Winkelmann, gave a quick speech about the car before the cover was pulled away.

The moment I saw the Aventador SV in person I was in love! The one being shown was in the same red as in the spy shots but in person the paint glowed bright and the metallic flake sparkled in the Florida sun. The SV being a more track focused version of the car needed to clearly stand apart from the normal Aventador model but I didn’t think they succeeded in doing this when I saw the spy shots. In person however, you clearly see the huge changes! The aggressive front bumper, similar to the 50th Anniversario, no longer bothered me and the sharp angles gave the SV impression that I wanted. The wheels, with their red center-locks, looked like they had been taken straight from a track car. The alcantara racing seats and interior reminded me most of the Murcielago SV. With little touches all around where the driver spends the majority of their time stood out to me. One of my favorites being the small SV logo below the Start button and the Veneno inspired dash.

One of the biggest problems I had with the Aventador SV in pictures was the wing. It seemed too small and flat, like they just stuck it on at the last minute. In person though you can definitely see that it isn’t flat and can even be adjusted. It is actually one of my favorite parts on the car because it seems to be connected to the back section of the bumper that is similar to the 50th and shoots through the body and through the spoiler of the old Aventador. You have to look at it from a certain angle in photos to understand but in person it is very apparent. In conclusion, this car is one of my favorites to come from the Lamborghini Factory. It is a big step above the standard Aventador and I hope is another stepping stone for extreme SV models in the future!

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