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2015 Mustang GT Review

Something familiar, yet completely new all at the same time. That were my first thoughts when stepping into the 2015 Mustang GT. Riding a fine line between being a Mustang and a completely new model from the Ford Factory. Let me start this review by saying that I personally own a 2007 Mustang GT and am in love with it even after 4 years of ownership. I did not like the design of the 2015 Mustang and am still not that used to it but I think that is the part of me that wants to stay old school a reject this car as the best Mustang ever made.

While talking about the design, I will say that it has grown on me more since its debut in December of last year. Through pictures I could definitely see more design similarities to the new Ford Fusion than past Mustangs. Now that I have seen it in person I see the muscle car roots flowing through its veins. The “fastback” shape has returned and with it design cues from past generations as well. The headlights seem like a more modern version of the 4th generation 2004 models while the taillights continue to evolve with their triple bar design that becomes directional in sequential formation when turning. When it comes to colors I have seen black, yellow and grey in person. Of these three I preferred the black but I look forward to seeing how it looks in more in your face colors like green and blue. The 5.0 badge and classic Mustang badge in the front are the only two features that seem directly copied from last year’s model.

When stepping inside the 2015 Mustang for the first thing, I immediately noticed how comfortable the seats were. They make past Mustang seats feel like bricks while still holding you in for fast cornering. The whole dash and steering wheels have also been given a more modern feel. Thankfully the 6-Speed manual is still available and was in the car that I drove. Unlike my 2007 Mustang, instead of turning a key, one simply puts their foot on the brake and clutch before pressing a button that summons up the sound of 435HP from the 5.0L V8 engine. Revving the car produces an incredible sound, although quieter than I expected, while bouncing off the car’s 7500RPM Rev Limiter.

When taking off in first gear, the car is very smooth. The clutch pedal releases without any hop or backlash from the car. When driving, the gear changes take no effort to change from 1st through 6th. In past Mustang generations the jump from 2nd-3rd gear was tricky with the standard gear shifter. In the 2015 that problem is solved and I can not imagine wanting anything other than a 6-Speed Manual if I were to purchase a 2015. Another great feature of the 2015 Mustang is the switches on the center console where the driver can change steering feel along with different driving modes. For the majority of my time with the new Mustang I kept it in full track mode. This meant I had the quickest throttle response, more shift control and limited traction. This really showed when accelerating from a standstill or roll-off. Everything from the driver’s prospective seems like an improvement with the car. The only complaint I would have that needs a change is that with past Mustang generations at high speeds the hood starts to shake violently as if it is not fastened down in place. During my test drive this problem was still apparent.

Overall the 2015 Mustang is a huge step forward in the pony car generation! I am still not sold on the looks but the interior and performance are above and beyond any past Mustang I have driven. The new seats allow for long trips to be more enjoyable while the different driving modes can give you a completely different experience every time an owner goes for a spin! Although the car has more horsepower, the added weight make it very similar in terms of straight line acceleration to last year’s model. However, the new independent rear suspension allows for better handling and around the track the new Mustang is king above past generations when it comes to setting a great lap time. In conclusion, if you are looking for a new school muscle car to add to your garage, I highly suggest taking the 2015 Mustang GT for a test drive! If you aren't completely sold yet, wait a few months for the performance superpowers of Roush and Shelby to release their tuned up Mustangs!

PROS: New Interior, Driving Modes, Easy Shifting
CONS: Controversial New Design, Roush and Shelby Versions Coming Soon, Hood Shake

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